Going Home Nowhere and Fast (Winged City Press, 2014)

Selected Publications

Making Chance for the Lemongellos,” PANK 11 (2015)

The Magic Word,” New Delta Review (2014)

Wind,” Alice Blue Review (2014)

Boy + Rock,” Vinyl (2014)

A Prayer for Non-Participant Audience Members of The Price is Right,” McSweeney’s Internet Tendency (2014)

“In Darkness and Quiet the Dead Will Speak and Be Spoken To,” Sou’wester 42.1 (2013)

When Us Men Tell,” Heavy Feather Review 3.1 (2013)

A Primers for What Now of This Instant By Which I Meanting Slaughter You Idiot,” Timber (2013)

Clap, Goddamnit, or the Pixie Gets It,” Hot Metal Bridge (2013)

Questions I am Patiently Reminding the Sky (Do You Hear Me?),” Ilk (2013)

Going Down Like Little Jesus in Sun Hole,” The Collagist (2013)

The Internet Brushes Her Teeth with Candy Skulls,” with Matthew Burnside, OF ZOOS (2012)

Love Sonnet in Which Heidi = That Infant Animal and I = The Terrible Thing,” PANK 7 (2012)

Love Sonnet in Which Abortion Acts as Relational Trope,” PANK 7 (2012)

Love Sonnet in Which Heidi = Bird by Proxy,” PANK 7 (2012)

Men of Low Spirit,” Monkeybicycle 9 (2012)

Crossing Situation,” Bluestem (2012)

Of Brains or Bowels or Lungs, Leopards, Finches,” The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review (2012)